Vauxhall Nurseries

Vauxhall Nurseries is an urban design framework that aims to bring fresh drive and identity to Vauxhall’s ever-changing environment through a new treatment of its open spaces.

Woldon’s proposals seek to reconnect disjointed parts of the neighbourhood, build a better visual perception of Vauxhall and create an identifiable pathway and narrative through the area.

The Nursery concept is formed through the strategic deployment of a sustainable landscape strategy. The strategy provides the opportunity for the embedding of a distinct architectural type that supports a richness of diverse activity by allowing the fostering of businesses, community endeavours and cultural activities within Vauxhall’s numerous open spaces. A range of greening and hydrological interventions are proposed in concert with a low-cost timber panel construction that together activate and make productive existing open space. Vauxhall’s historic Spring Gardens were used as a site from which to launch and test the concept.

Project Information

Client: Competition Entry
Location: Vauxhall, London

New Enquiries
t: 020 7998 1525

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