Woldon Architects Door Knob, with Joseph Giles 

Shop our door knob collection with The English Tapware Company. The Woldon Door Knob champions the complexities of the design process.

Joseph Giles | Woldon Door Knob | Designer Hardware | The English Tapware Company

This stunning and unique piece of door furniture was designed by architects Robert Gluckman and Tom Smith. Their experience covers private residential work and arts and workspace projects.

Woldon specialises in projects that require a contemporary response to sensitive settings, whether historic, urban or rural. Within each context, the practice has established a particular expertise in working with buildings where fresh thinking and a refined finish are desired.

The design of the Woldon doorknob draws inspiration from the grip patterns found in traditional hand-made English shotgun manufacturing. The patterns are hand-carved into the stock of the gun, providing a grip that is practical yet beautiful and tactile. From this source of inspiration, a concept evolved for the door knob design.