We are an award-winning team of architects and designers committed to improving the world around us with imagination and expertise.

We turn inspired thinking into extraordinary architecture.

As architects, we exist to enrich lives and landscapes through thought-provoking, timeless architecture conceived with humanity at its heart.

Through personal consultation and purposeful collaboration, we create beautifully designed and timeless spaces with passion, personality and vision. We understand that balance is essential to great architecture. Our creative process is informed by a broad outlook, what results is an architecture of substance and spirit.

Our values

As architects, we exist to enrich lives and landscapes through thought-provoking, timeless architecture conceived with humanity at its heart. Our brand values of Integrity, Creativity and Quality lie at the heart of the Woldon family.

We work with humility and empathy. By the rigorous application of our expertise and imagination we demonstrate our integrity and authenticity. We respect and understand the unique pressures our clients face, and we always take into account the people who will ultimately experience our designs. Only by demonstrating a human approach to our work that is rooted in genuine family and social values can we fulfil our promise.

True creativity is founded in collaboration. We bring inspired creativity to life by listening to our clients and each other. Taking time to understand diverse perspectives and specific aspirations. Only with a diligent and inclusive approach to our work can we create the conditions for innovation and imagination to flourish. Through self-awareness and intelligent rationale we direct our informed creativity into inspiring, bright and enduring architecture.

Architecture is our way of improving the world around us. We are dedicated to creative excellence that transforms lives and landscapes. Only by being strategic in our decision making and discerning in execution will we achieve our aspiration to become exemplars of industry. We strive to be masters of our craft, trusted for our skilful and sustainable approach. With our understanding of function and exacting eye for simple detail, we pursue quality in all our actions.


Our clients are intelligent, forward thinking individuals and organisations who share a deep appreciation of the skills, insight, creativity and leadership we can offer as architects.

Regardless of size and scope, every client is seeking a professional partner who inspires their project and champions their vision, and offers them the creative expertise and direction to achieve it.

Our Promise

By putting the human perspective first, we are able to imagine then execute consistently poetic and pragmatic design solutions to meet even the most complex briefs.

On every project, for every client, our aspiration is to leave a legacy of bright, inspirational, and thought-provoking architecture that will ultimately improve lives and the built environment for generations to come.