BA(Hons) Dip Arch

Phil Shears, Director

Philip is a creative who understands the power of architecture to transform all our lives. With a keen eye for design quality, attention to detail and love of craftsmanship, he is recognised for delivering robust and elegant buildings.

He has a proven track record of significant landmark planning permissions in London. He has managed private estates that include notable listed buildings and has also been involved in large mixed-use developments in sensitive urban locations. Philip has worked for leading London practices, most recently as a Director at Squire and Partners – and, in joining Tom and Robert as a partner, he brings 20 years’ experience to the practice.

His understanding of some of the most competitive and high-value sectors in the industry adds a very commercial string to Woldon’s bow. In a collaborative environment where drawing on each other’s strengths and skills is key, his expertise is engaged in every corner of our practice.

Planning Expertise

Phil was integral in leading the design team who successfully obtained planning consent, with unanimous approval from London Borough of Camden, for Eagle Mews a creative workspace at 150 Royal College Street. The design will elevate a redundant car park space into a vibrant modern office.​​​​​​​​
The position of the building created some unique challenges, but through positive discussion between the design team and Camden planning, a striking commercial space sits proudly at the intersection of industrial canal, bridge and street.​​​​​​​​

"We understand the vital role of design, in creating intelligent and interesting buildings, in attracting and retaining the best employees. With a commercial mindset, Woldon has the expertise required to manage complex projects in the commercial sector."  Phil Shears 

Writing & Inspiration

Phil pens his thoughts on the development of Life Science Vision - Adapting Work and the Workspace. A thought-provoking article which looks at the challenges we face today and how we can better prepare for the future.

Read the article in full here

Commercial Clients

As experienced architects and designers we bring a creative energy to the constraints and complexities of commercial projects. We are astute in managing the skilful balance of cost, quality and time.

Moreover, we possess the commercial expertise required to channel creative energy into quality design that delivers consistently exciting and innovative results and sustainable investment opportunities.

Our experience connects us to a wide range of professionals across the industry. We actively encourage collaboration on projects to ensure the correct experience is engaged at the right stage. From large multi-unit residential mansion blocks, office workspace, through to hospitality spas, gyms and hotels, our project experience is varied and extensive and our approach tried and tested. We relish the challenge of complex and large-scale projects and always seek intelligent and simple solutions that translate into clear direction and instruction.

Working with urban and rural estate owners, property developers, business owners and wealthy individuals has enabled us to hone our systems and design approach to meet the specific requirements of a commercial build. Over the years we have gained numerous industry plaudits and awards for our work and we are proud to be certified by a national body for quality assurance.

New Enquiries

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Font House

A new house and garden within the 17th century walled gardens of Grade I listed Nevill Holt.

Argal Workshop & Studios

Argal Workshop & Studios

Conversion of farmstead into a creative workspace and furniture workshop.